WW #dataVault Conference Day 2 and Day 3

Day 2 and Day 3 at World Wide Data Vault Conference

Day 2 brought us brilliant hands on sessions from our platinum sponsors.

WhereScape had over 70 attendees all participating in their hands-on driven software utilization.  They worked with Red and 3D, and WhereScape launched a brand new product called Data Vault Express ™.  They did a fantastic job of making sure the tool was utilized in it’s full potential, maximizing the feature set, and showing off brand new wizards that accelerate development of Data Vault 2.0 processes and data models.

AnalytixDS was in the afternoon.  They also brought their best.  They broke down all barriers and helped attendees work with business glossaries, code sets, reference data, mapping manager, code generation and more!!   It was an incredible event all around.  The attendees got to experience first hand how to leverage Mapping Manager’s full capabilities for rapid Data Vault 2.0 design and production.

Day 3: Incredible Speakers, Incredible Dinner!

Day 3 was the opening day, and what an incredible day it was!!!  We had Tamara Dull, one of the top 15 people in the world talking about big data, data lakes, and yes – you DO need Data Modeling in Big Data!!  It was phenomenal to hear her speak.  She wow’d the crowd with incredibly accurate stories, details and numbers.   All our speakers were great.

We heard from Solita about Data Vault 2.0 on Redshift, Micron about “Big Data”, Hundreds of billions of records using SHA-1 hashing, and sub-second query response times through views on Teradata with row level security embedded in the views!! They also talked about automation using WhereScape and how it drives productivity through the roof.

We heard from the DoD (Department of Defense, from Quadrint) about their initiatives, and Data Vault 2.0 implementations, how they are applying security, and using massive data sets in Oracle Exadata to create a success. We also heard about their data science initiative, along side of their efforts to show the business gaps using dirty data coming in from the sources.

We heard from Pepper Financial in Australia, using Data Vault 2.0 to create a huge success, driving rapid response, and agility using Mapping Manager from AnalytixDS.  They also discussed their incredible implementations and how fast they can turn around changes in their environment.

Then we heard from another Platinum Sponsor: Talend – they enlightened us with never before released roadmapI am not at liberty to tell you what is coming, but I can say, it is huge support for Data Vault 2.0!!  If you don’t know about Talend, you NEED to check them out.  If you have been sitting on the fence and you are a Data Vault customer, you NEED to revisit them.

We finished the day with announcements from AnalytixDS.  Complete with Data Memes, and even a Data Vault Meme!  It was brilliant.  AnalytixDS also exposed their roadmap items, their alpha and beta release features, and will be increasing their support of Data Vault 2.0.

They talked about their brilliant features for managing enterprise business glossaries and tying those directly to the technical terminology.  They discussed other features which I can’t tell you about, except to say: If you’ve not looked at AnalytixDS and Mapping Manager, you owe it to yourself to contact them, as an automation tool for data warehousing, Data Vault 2.0 and BI, they are great!

At the end of the day, a BBQ sponsored by AnalytixDS and prepared by the brilliant chefs at Stoweflake Resort, provided incredibly delicious food for everyone.  I think I speak for all 100 conference attendees when I say a HUGE thank-you to Stoweflake and AnalytixDS for this incredible dinner event.

See you today!!