WWDVC 2018 – Sold Out!!

We are now FULL, Sold Out! Packed House!  WWDVC 2018

thank you everyone whom registered!!!  It will be an incredible conference this year, with all kinds of new topics ranging from Data Vault on a Data Lake, to Virtualization of Data Vaults, to Data Vaults in industry verticals.

We have a PACKED HOUSE!!  110 registrations, 60 people attending hands on sessions on Monday and Tuesday.

New This year!

  • We have added 2 additional balloon lifts!! (weather permitting of course), and sponsored!!
  • We have added sponsored breakfasts and lunches every day of the conference!  (Friday – you’re on your own for Lunch).
  • Kent Graziano has added two additional Chi-Gung stretching times, it’s GREAT way to unwind after sitting all day, or after sleeping in a hotel bed.  Please join Kent for mild stretching exercises – GREAT for the mind and body!!
  • Early morning sessions: We have added two “early morning 7am” sessions – which make for very long days, but we have so many great topics to discuss, I think you’ll be pleased – and I recommend you attend (bring your breakfast IN with you!!)
  • I’ll be holding an Introduction to Data Vault session on Tuesday evening (informal discussion, you can ask all the questions you like!)
  • The Department of Defense is BAAAAACCCCKKK!!  they liked us so much last year, they agreed to return!  You DO NOT GET THE DoD PRESENTING ANYWHERE ELSE, EVER!  Come and listen to my customer talk about what they are doing without signing your life away…
  • WhereScape will be presenting on TOP of Snowflake DB this year, you WON’T want to miss this!!! incredible stuff with streaming too!
  • AnalytixDS will be presenting incredible advancements in the world of Metadata, and accelerators to building and designing Data Vault solutions that will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!

We have a few very special announcements at the conference this year, things you will only hear HERE…

Now, if you missed the boat for 2018 – don’t worry – you can always purchase access to the video recordings on http://LearnDataVault.com about one month after the conference.  But let this be a reminder to you: to register early in 2019  – 2019 will be even bigger and better than this year…  I Promise You…

Also: all proceeds that are paid by vendors, as well as you (registration fees), go back to you – in the form of ballooon rides, SPA discounts, bicycle rentals, hotel discounts,  and food (breakfasts, lunches).  The objective is to HAVE A GREAT TIME!

See you here, at the conference!

Dan Linstedt & Sanjay Pande