World Wide Data Vault Consortium 2024


APRIL 28—MAY 3, 2024. / 8AM NY EST



WWDVC 2024 Themes

Stoweflake Resort & Spa
Stowe, Vermont USA

Welcome to WWDVC 2023.
A Conference Not to Be Missed!

Join us for a unique opportunity to network with customers, vendors, and Data Vault Practitioners of all skill levels and professional backgrounds! Learn about Data Vault firsthand and find out what others in the industry are building. Reserve your hotel room with a conference discount by clicking here. Discount expires March 31.

This is a family location! Bring your family and enjoy the gorgeous area.

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Registration Details

APRIL 30, 2023

Pre-Conference Prep

DVA’s management and staff arrives Sunday, April 30th to hold private meetings. You are welcome to arrive on Sunday to get settled in and enjoy the resort. WWDVC 2023’s Kickoff begins with the Monday evening Gala Dinner for all ticket holders. 

MAY 1, 2023

Premium Program

The Premium Program content is new to this year’s conference and is focused on engaging with business. This Business Day will feature presentations by management executives who will bring their perspectives, agendas, and war stories to the table. Patrons will learn first-hand what it’s like to be a business leader, what keeps them up at night, and how to talk to them about Data Vault in a way that gets their attention. 

May 2, 2023 — May 5, 2023

Main Program

A range of technical content will be presented Tuesday, May 2nd – Friday, May 5th. These sessions will include Data Vault technical discussions, customer showcases, and Hands-On-Labs delivered by software providers. 

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    Speaker session slots are now closed for WWDVC 2023. Submissions entered going forward will be considered for pre-recorded sessions only.

    If you are interested in speaking at a future WWDVC please contact us at: 

    If you have an interest, have done research, or have a background in data vault, we welcome your submission; this includes customer case stories with automation, testing, volume at velocity, or agility.

    In-person Speaker benefits include free registration to the conference. 

    University Student?

    Are you a student who has built a Data Vault for a University Project? Are you a student team wishing to present? We would love for you to attend!

    This year’s themes:

    • Semantic Layers – A Critical Component of the DV2 Solution
    • Innovations on Data Vault 2.0 (Business Track)
    • Business Analytics and Getting Data OUT of Your Data Vault Solution

    Attention University Students

    DataVaultAlliance would be thrilled to have you attend our WWDVC 2024 Conference! And we offer
    Student Discounts!
    Are you a student who has built a Data Vault for a University Project or a student team wishing to
    present? Let’s chat!

    This Year’s Topics


    We are about all things Data Vault – and we have some of the hottest technology and automation vendors on the planet sponsoring our conference. This year is especially unique as our industry is presented with never-before-seen challenges and increased pressure for data privacy security and accelerated development. 

    Semantic Layers - A Critical Component of the DV2 Solution

    If you or your business users are expecting to derive true value from a data analytic solution of any kind that solution must be built from both the business perspective and the business understanding of how data flows through the various business processes. In short it means that you must build from the Semantic Layer. In a Data Vault 2.0 implementation this semantic layer is critical to  your success it lies at the very core of the Data Vault 2.0 methodology. This is why we say “Data Vault is has been and always will be about the Business!”

    A properly designed DV2 solution starts with the understanding of the business terms and their related business processes. This allows the practitioner to gain insight to the way data flows through the business in and through any number of enterprise source systems . This is what DV2 calls  an “integrated view” of the data. This also how semantic layers operate and interact they align complex data with familiar business terms in the form of a map. The map links the semantic layer to the business terms to provide a consolidated and unified view of the complex organizational data into familiar business terms.

    Innovations on Data Vault 2.0

    The versatility of a properly designed Data Vault 2.0 solution lends itself to a myriad of innovations in applied sciences engineering frameworks and analytic solutions. In this track we will explore a number of innovations and applications that are based upon or are perfectly supported by a Data Vault 2.0 approach. Among the topics we will discuss are: how to build an operational or application source system on top of a DV2 and the business benefits of doing so why Data Vault Methodology fills in the gaps of a Data Mesh conceptual framework to become its perfect complement “How To’s” and Lessons Learned of implementing on various technical platforms and the symbiotic relationship that can be nurtured between AI / ML / NLP and your Data Vault solution.

    Business Analytics and Getting Data OUT of Your Data Vault Solution

    Technical and data engineering teams seem to be focused on getting data IN to the Enterprise Data Warehouse but what about getting data OUT of the warehouse? These sessions are focused on the tasks approaches and teaming practices designed to get information out of the warehouse and into the hands of the business consumers. We will discuss the importance of collaboration with the business the business analysts and the data scientists required to bring true value to the business and transform your data warehouse from a being cost center to a profit center.

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    WWDVC Coming To The UK!


    We are excited to announce the launch of the WWDVC 2023 event in the United Kingdom.

    Event Testimonials

    I always consider the presentations valuable, but they are just conversation starters for the real value of the networking and collaborative dialogue that permeates the conference every year.  Thanks!
    Michael Magalsky
    It was awesome to meet so many smart people at one point. The presentations contained great success stories and covered all topics around Data Vault, from delivering value in an agile fashion, over NoSQL and real time architectures up to advanced modeling and text analysis. This all happened at a beautiful location with sponsored lunch and dinner every day where interesting conversations took place. I will attend the next WWDVC for sure!
    Marc Finger
    I came to know about Data Vault just after WWDVC 2017. Since then I've had the pleasure of working with Kent Graziano through my relationship with Snowflake, I've had the privilege of being trained by Mike Olschimke, and I've built a production Data Vault with WhereScape. Over the past year, I've had to propose, justify, and defend the Data Vault architecture and methodology more times than I can recall. After a while it's hard not to question my conviction. This week I've met vendors who believe in Data Vault enough to pour time and money into tools that support it. I've heard from many architects who have realized tangible value from Data Vaults, I've met several people who built successful companies around Data Vault, and I've seen what happens when fundamental principles of data modeling are ignored. The tone of the conference is kind and supportive. Dan encourages presenters to showcase "the good, the bad, and the ugly" which means we get to see success and struggle. I've met dozens of delightful and intelligent people this week and made connections that will last my career. For anyone building a Data Vault or thinking about it, especially if you feel like you are alone, I strongly recommend you come to WWDVC.
    Steve Gordon
    I was tremendously impressed by the organization at this conference. I saw all the talks and they were all of high quality, had good variety of subject matter and I enjoyed it. Stoweflake is an exceptional venue, in a stunning environment in the mountains of Vermont. The vendors who turned up were awesome, they didn't try to push anything, they just wanted everyone to feel like it was a community in which they were part of and contributors to. They were helpful and very generous with their time as well. I came across a couple of vendors who I'd never heard of and will do more investigation on their products in the coming weeks but being aware they existing is important as a freelance consultant when you need to advise of products to fill gaps in the tech stacks. I personally met several attendees who were very knowledgeable, as well as others investigating use of DV and I think everyone got a lot out of attending. I've picked up on a couple of topics I've not paid too much attention to in the past in my dv consulting projects and now realize there are some ways to improve which I hadn't considered.
    Steve Graham
    It was an awesome opportunity to connect with the community and share our experiences. Really valuable lessons learned. I'm inspired to tackle future projects in a different way incorporating the most recent and cutting edge best practices.
    Justin Small
    I truly love Data Vault. I definitely want to learn more, and leverage it in my organization.  It was great hear and meet so many experienced practitioners at the conference.  Dan put together a very diverse and experienced group of speakers. It allowed me to see what is possible, and things I can leverage to benefit my organization.
    Bob Olson
    Best conference I have attended.
    Jonathan Real
    No other professional conference brings together Data Vault leaders from across the globe to share challenges and success stories, participate in hands-on software demonstrations, and engage in unparalleled networking opportunities. If you are determined to deliver the best data warehouse architecture for your customers, this meeting should be at the top of your annual travel plan.
    Randy Benzel
    Sr. Data Warehouse Architect / Pure BI, Inc
    I really enjoyed my time at the WWDVC conference 2016, both as a speaker as well as an attendant. The sessions and conversations have been very insightful and much fun to experience, and the whole event has been organized flawlessly. Hats off Dan!
    Marco Kerwitz
    Software Developer / 4Com GmbH & Co. KG
    If you are interested in, or an expert in Data Vault, this conference is a must. Many of the great presentations showed what was possible with Data Vault, and the friendliness and willingness to share among the participants was great. I also like the relatively small size of the conference, it allowed me to really get to know others. Finally, I was amazed at the heavy turnout from other countries. It shows how committed people are to a concept that works!
    Tom Carroll
    Principal / Tower 700 Consulting
    Very good experience all together for networking, discussions about DataVault and great presentations from real world use cases.
    Torsten Glunde
    One of the presenters referenced Lego blocks - they are simple constructs, but can be used powerfully and creatively. I was impressed by the many stories I heard at the conference on how some inspiring individuals had taken the clean, elegant Data Vault components (hubs, links and satellites) and created amazing solutions to business problems. The conference was an eye-opener as to the potential of Data Vault.
    John Giles
    IT consultant / Country Endeavours
    WWDVC 2016 was, as expected, an awesome event. Not only are the sessions and keynotes inspiring and practical, I especially appreciated the brainstorming pre-event with certified Data Vault practitioners. That alone was worth the trip.
    Kent Graziano
    Senior Technical Architect / Snowflake Computing
    WWDVC-2016: * Great Presentations * Wonderful Community * Lovely Location. *If you work with (or you would like to learn about) Data Vault, I can highly recommend this conference. Come in and join the community! Looking forward to next year's WWDVC.
    Christian Haedrich
    Another Great Event WWDVC 2015! This time - in the picturesque Von Trapp Family Lodge; well-known publishers such as Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D. (, Scott W. Ambler (SA+A), Kent Graziano (The Data Warrior ), and others. I would like to participate in future WWDVC events and highly recommend all the Data Warehouse and Business intelligence practitioners, Big Data enthusiasts and Data vault lovers to partake in the future WWDVC symposium!
    Raphael Klebanov
    Senior Consultant / erwin, Inc.