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World Wide Data Vault Consortium

A Conference Not To Be Missed!

Join us for a unique opportunity to network with customers vendors and Data Vault Practitioners of all skill levels and professional backgrounds! Learn about Data Vault firsthand and find out what others in the industry are building. You also can participate in the hands-on sessions from automation to QA to Modeling. 
This is an incredible chance to network ask questions dive deep into BIG data challenges real-time efforts data mining applications and more! Missing this event isto potentially miss an Theo pportunity of a lifetime.

What is WWDVC?

WWDVC is the conference for Business Intelligence and Analytics professionals to learn about Data Vault, increase skills, gain industry knowledge from experts in the field, network with other like minds facing similar challenges, share stories, solve problems, get answers, see & witness emerging trends, experience hands-on vendor tools and more!
We are focused on all things Data Vault– and we have some of the hottest technology and automation vendors on the planet sponsoring our conference. This year is especially unique as we (as an industry) are presented with never-before-seen challenges and the increased pressure on privacy security and accelerated development.  
 A.I. (artificial intelligence) machine learning and deep learning have penetrated every aspect of our lives. As a continuation of those topics from last year’s conference we touch on the challenges data science presents in the realm of semantics innovation and analysis for the benefit of the business and bringing business understanding of how to solve these problems in a practical manner.    
Are you an executive director or manager? This year we have developed a single-day specialized business track just for you! We have a well-rounded mix of presentations aimed at addressing much needed business solutions delivered to you in business-speak. 

By the Numbers


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We only offer a limited number of seats to this event so once we fill up it’s done!  We believe that this experience should allow you to network with everyone in attendance including the speakers. We don’t want you feeling like just another “number” or face in the crowd and we work hard to give you a one-of-a-kind unique enriching experience.

This Year’s Topics


We are all about all things Data Vault – and we have some of the hottest technology and automation vendors on the planet sponsoring our conference. This year is especially unique as our industry faces never- before- seen challenges and increased pressure on data privacy security and accelerated development. 

Semantic Layers – A Critical Component of the DV2 Solution

If you or your business users are expecting to derive true value from a data analytic solution of any kind that solution must be built from both the business perspective and the business understanding of how data flows through the various business processes. In short it means that you must build from the Semantic Layer. In a Data Vault 2.0 implementation this semantic layer is critical to your success it lies at the very core of the Data Vault 2.0 methodology. This is why we say “Data Vault is has been and always will be about the Business!”

A properly designed DV2 solution starts with the understanding of the business terms and their related business processes. This allows the practitioner to gain insight to the way data flows through the business in and through any number of enterprise source systems. This is what DV2 calls an “integrated view” of the data. This also how semantic layers operate and interact they align complex data with familiar business terms in the form of a map. The map links the semantic layer to the business terms to provide a consolidated and unified view of the complex organizational data into familiar business terms.

Innovations on Data Vault 2.0 (Business Track)

The versatility of a properly designed Data Vault 2.0 solution lends itself to a myriad of innovations in applied sciences engineering frameworks and analytic solutions. In this track we will explore a number of innovations and applications that are based upon or are perfectly supported by a Data Vault 2.0 approach. Among the topics we will discuss are: how to build an operational or application source system on top of a DV2 and the business benefits of doing so why Data Vault Methodology fills in the gaps of a Data Mesh conceptual framework to become its perfect complement “How To’s” and Lessons Learned of implementing on various technical platforms and the symbiotic relationship that can be nurtured between AI / ML / NLP and your Data Vault solution.

Business Analytics and Getting Data OUT of Your Data Vault Solution

Technical and data engineering teams seem to be focused on getting data IN to the Enterprise Data Warehouse but what about getting data OUT of the warehouse? These sessions are focused on the tasks approaches and teaming practices designed to get information out of the warehouse and into the hands of the business consumers. We will discuss the importance of collaboration with the business the business analysts and the data scientists required to bring true value to the business and transform your data warehouse from a being cost center to a profit center.

Want to present at this year’s conference?


If you have a special interest have done some research or have a background in any of this year’s topics we welcome you to submit! We would like to hear your stories about Future Architectures Automation Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Automation and of course Data Vault Customer Cases. If you have a customer case story about: automation testing big data or agility we would love to have you submit as well! University students are always encouraged and welcome to present!

Conference Format


WWDVC has always provided a single-track conference format so that all participants can attend every presentation. Our goal is to ensure that attendees interact and engage with speakers and other attendees to enhance the education and knowledge of our community. You are encouraged to set up your own meetings with speakers sponsors or other attendees and chat with them visit sponsors in the Exhibitor Hall or have a private networking session with them. The networking and connection-building possibilities are limitless!