Welcome to WWDVC 2020!

Learn the hottest trends in Business Intelligence, Data Hubs, Analytics and Data Vault combined? 

Join us for a unique opportunity to network with customers, vendors, and Data Vault Masters!  Learn about Data Vault first hand and find out what others are building in the industry.

You also can participate in the hands-on sessions from automation to QA to Modeling

World Wide Data Vault Consortium

A conference not to be missed!

Why Join Us?

This is an incredible chance to network, ask questions, dive deep in to BIG data challenges, real-time efforts, data mining applications, and more! 

To miss this event is to miss an opportunity of a lifetime.  Check out the Testimonials!!

WWDVC 2020

By the Numbers


Conference Format

We provide only one-track, so that all participants can attend and interact with a single goal in mind: enhance the education and knowledge

In between every other speaker session, we squeeze at least a 35 to 60 minute networking sessions. This allows you to talk to the vendors, the speakers, and the other attendees in the room.

Schedule Layout

  • 2 Days of Vendor Hands On Sessions
  • 2 & 1/2 Days of Presentations (starting Wednesday)

About This Conference

We offer a wide variety of content at our conference.

  1. Brainstorming Session – get involved!
  2. Panel Discussions
  3. Q&A Sessions
  4. Tuesday Evening Meet & Greet Welcome Reception
  5. Birds of a Feather Discussions
  6. Introductory Presentations
  8. Game Night
  9. Balloon Lifts (FREE!)
We keep a limited number of seats, so once we fill up, it’s done!  We believe that this experience should allow you to network with everyone that attends.  We don’t want you feeling like just another “number” or face in the crowd.  To do this we limit registrations.