Welcome to WWDVC 2022!

Learn the hottest trends in Data Science, Data Mesh, and Data Vault combined!

Join us for a unique opportunity to network with customers, vendors, and Data Vault Masters!  Learn about Data Vault first hand and find out what others are building in the industry.  You also can participate in the hands-on sessions from automation to QA to Modeling

We are now hard at work on WWDVC 2022

World Wide Data Vault Consortium

A conference not to be missed!

What is WWDVC?

WWDVC is the conference for Business Intelligence and Analytics professionals to learn about Data Vault, Increase your skills, network with others, share stories, solve problems, see emerging trends, get hands-on with vendors and the list goes on!

We are all about all things Data Vault related – and we have some of the hottest technology and automation vendors on the planet sponsoring our conference.  This year is especially unique, as we (as an industry) are presented with never before seen challenges, and the increased pressure on privacy, security and accelerated development.

A.I. (artificial intelligence), machine learning, deep learning are pervading every aspect of our lives.  This years conference covers those themes and more – with an eye on how to solve these problems in a practical manner.

Are you an executive, director, or manager?  You are most welcome to attend.  We have a well rounded mix of presentations aimed at both business and technical solutions.

2022 Themes & Speaker Submissions

Want to present at this years conference?  Have a look at the themes below.  If you have an interest, have done some research or have a background in any of the following, we welcome you to submit!   We would like to hear your stories about Future Architectures, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Automation and of course Data Vault Customer Cases.

Also: if you have a customer case story with: automation, testing, big data, or agility, (as always), we would love to have you submit as well!

University Student?

Are you a student or have you built a Data Vault for a University Project? Either way, we would love to have you attend.  We have special student discounts (contact us for more information).   Even better: if you are a student or student team that wishes to present, we would LOVE to have your abstract, please submit an abstract today!

Call for speakers for WWDVC 2022 is now OPEN.  Submit to speak before December 15th, 2021 to be considered.  We are open for speakers with pre-recorded sessions, virtual presenters, and in-person live.

Why Join Us?

This is an incredible chance to network, ask questions, dive deep in to BIG data challenges, real-time efforts, data mining applications, and more! 

To miss this event is to miss an opportunity of a lifetime.  Check out the Testimonials!!

WWDVC 2021

By the Numbers


Conference Format

We provide only one-track, so that all participants can attend and interact with a single goal in mind: enhance the education and knowledge.   We *may* be providing multiple overlapping vendor sessions in 2021, as it is a virtual venue.

We will be providing a virtual lounge for networking!  You can setup your own meetings with speakers, sponsors, or other attendees and chat with them!   You can visit a sponsor as well, and have a private networking session with them too.  The possibilities are limitless!

Schedule Layout

  • 2 Days of Vendor Hands On Sessions
  • 2 & 1/2 Days of Presentations (starting Wednesday)

About This Conference

We offer a wide variety of content at our conference, especially during the networking breaks.

  1. Brainstorming Session – get involved!
  2. Panel Discussions
  3. Q&A Sessions
  4. Tuesday Evening Meet & Greet Welcome Networking Session
  5. Self-Service / Self-Organizing Break outs
  6. Introductory Presentations
  7. Data Vault Games
We keep a limited number of seats, so once we fill up, it’s done!  We believe that this experience should allow you to network with everyone that attends.  We don’t want you feeling like just another “number” or face in the crowd. 

Theme: Future Architecture

Data Mesh is today’s “next buzz word.”  But technology has moved forward significantly.  How do we avoid “buzz-word design” and instead focus on the architecture that will stand the test of time?  At our conference we will explore this phenomenon, and answer the questions: What the right architecture going forward?  How do we leverage new technology advancements properly?  and how does Data Vault help answer these questions?  What about Data Fabric and Data Mesh – what do they mean?

Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss data hubs and Data Vault with practitioners in the field, to unlock the secrets and discover how to properly build, and meet management expectations

Theme: Data Science

This year we talk about AI, Deep Learning, and what it means to Data Vault.  The nature of applying AI to metadata mining, structural discovery, and the challenge of physical data modeling for Enterprise Memory.  We will talk about deep learning, machine learning, ontologies and taxonomies, and more!

Application of AI uncovers new relationships, new associations.  It can test assertions about business keys, and change the way we think.  If you want to see the future of Data Vault modeling, or experience the future of Data Warehousing and enterprise analytics, then this is the place to be!

Theme: How-To Build

Implementation is a major force, without it – we don’t actually build anything.  Too often we focus on the tech but forget the people and the processes that are needed to enable the people to do their jobs!

Come and hear tips and tricks, scoping, governance, and other implementation approaches help enable teams to do their jobs properly and efficiently.

Theme: Data Vault Cases

This wouldn’t be a Data Vault conference without presentations about practical applications of Data Vault.  Which customers built what, how they did it, the issues they ran into – and even: what they might not have solved yet.  Everything from their methodology (SCRUM, Agile, SAFE, etc…) to their modeling practices are shared.

Come hear from Data Vault builds around the world!  Do you have a story to present?  You don’t have to mention the customer name, you don’t have to be a polished speaker either, just have a good solid implementation story to tell, submit your abstract today!


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